Here are some of the services we provide but aren't limited to

Digitally Printed Graphics

We can personalize your vehicle to suit your needs.

Complete Colour Change Wraps

Fully customized full wrap to stand out from the competition.

Ute Tray & Toolbox Signage​

Customizable signage on your Ute tray or Toolbox.

One Way Vision

Perforations are a good way of seeing from the inside, but not the other way around.

Computer Cut Vinyl Graphics

Customized computer cut vinyl graphics for any surface.

Bullbars & Nudge Bars

ADR approved bars are the perfect way to protect your vehicle.

Side Rails & Steps

Looking for side protection or assistance for getting into your vehicle, THIS is the only way to go.

Roof Platforms

A modern, sleek design to break away from the "standard" roof racks.

Ladder Racks

An option that should be considered by all, ladder racks are no doubt the cheapest yet best choice to open up your storage options.

Tow Bars

Towbars are commonly overlooked when purchasing a vehicle but they are a must have in our books.

Aluminum Canopies

The first storage choice for any trade vehicle

Custom Storage Solutions

If it's spare wheel carriers or a false floor with extra storage, we have you covered.

Drawer Setups

Organization is the best way to know you have everything to complete the ask at hand, a drawer setup is the first step.


In a number of different combinations we can tailor a design to suit your trade.

Trundle Drawers

Looking to maximise your tray but still desire a storage ? Trundle drawer is the only way to go.

LED Lighting

Driving lights or safety beacons, let us give you the professional finish your vehicle deserves.

Reverse Cameras

There will be absolutely no looking back after this modern must have!

UHF Aerials & CB Radios

Site requirements or long range conversations between convoys, we cater for all needs and vehicles.

Dual Batteries

Dual batteries open up a world of different 12 volt solutions for you.


After a week of having an inverter installed into your vehicle you'll wonder why you didn't do it earlier, the uses are endless.